KANA VINAKA cooking class for beginners: What every kiwi should know about good kai

Back In January, we started a short, 3-week cooking class in Raglan teaching the basics of cooking to those that felt they didn't have the skills to cook their own meals at home.

The turnout was great, we had about 20 people involved, and managed to cover quite a few topics like stocks, soups, sauces, salads, different kinds of meat cuts and how to prepare them, as well as some basic baking techniques.

Similar to the work we've been doing over in the islands, this course was about empowering people with knowledge to use good value, seasonal produce to make good food.

With the belief that everyone should be able to cook a good meal for themselves and their family, and have fun doing it, we are glad that the participants had a good time and learnt some new skills that they can use in their everyday lives to cook for their family.