Wedding of an old friend and valued team mate

A couple of weeks back, we did a gourmet grazing reception for the N.Z. wedding of Kurt and Alyssa Cederman at Kurt’s parents, Brent and Diane’s Raglan Sunset Motel.  They had been married earlier in the week back in Nevada, Missouri where Alyssa is from and where they now live.

Kurt worked for us at Vinnies as a school boy, working after school and weekends as a “doughboy”, the entry level position for the kitchen, hand-cutting buckets of Agria potatoes for buffalo chips, making batches of pizza dough, then rolling them out into the required 3 sizes for each day’s requirements.  He was keen, willing to learn, and became proficient at his duties.  After a busy summer, he graduated to the main kitchen and soon became an efficient and fast line cook.  We had many full-on, but fun times together as he worked with us for several years, even through varsity till he left to do real things with his management and marketing degree.  What’s funny is that he ended up working for a big national marketing company based in Missouri that helps international fast food companies like McDonald’s and Pizza Hut develop, manage, and interpret the results of their marketing strategies.

It was good to catch up with Kurt and his lovely Alyssa and all the other old Vinnies staff who had also become his friends.  One of the choice things he said that night was, “it seems like old times, but I used to be on the other side of the kitchen, now I’m getting to enjoy the food.”